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VIE Hotels uses anonymous cookies to help websites function properly, and allow users to navigate pages and enjoy the websites' features.

VIE Hotels collects information by tracking users' browsing habits and/or history to use targeted advertising; offer deals and promotions; provide a superb shopping experience with good and secure booking; tailor the websites' content to users and/or determine their preferences.

VIE Hotels does not use cookies to discover the user's identity.

1.Stictly Necessary Cookies

Below cookies are strictly necessary for our websites to work properly, and help our visitors navigate between pages efficiently, using all features of our sites. We use cookies to remember users' preferences, logins and similar information to allow users to continue where they left off, for example, when they come back to the same page or when they navigate from page to page in the same session.

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By visiting VIE Hotels websites, you accept cookies in accordance with this Policy. If you do not want to accept cookies, you may reject all cookies or only the cookies you want to reject. If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you may not be able to access some functions of our websites, or your access may be restricted. Therefore, our websites may not work properly or there may be disruptions in the services you request.
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